Experience The USS Hornet

July 15, 2018
Category: Tourist Attractions

San Francisco, California, attracts millions of visitors each year and is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This city is thriving with culture, unparalleled diversity, an abundance of gourmet dining, endless outdoor adventures, exciting live entertainment, world-class museums, stunning architecture, and breathtaking views. With majestic vistas, rolling hills and famous landmarks, San Francisco is home to dozens of attractions. During your stay, be sure to visit The USS Hornet. 

Visit The USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum

The USS Hornet, an extremely well-preserved aircraft carrier used in World War II, is located on Pier 2 and available to individuals and groups for an unforgettable historical experience. This ship-turned-museum is available daily, except Tuesdays, from 10am-5pm for an extremely affordable price. Service animals are welcome and admission includes guided tours with knowledgeable docents, or self-guided tours with audio and maps provided upon purchase of tickets. Combination tours are also available for those who want to hear about the history but do most of the venturing on their own. Be sure to reserve several hours of the day to optimize your visit, and be prepared for some unexpected thrills, and maybe even ghost sightings! 

Multiple interactive exhibits are scattered throughout the ship - all of which help to provide additional insight into the lives of those who worked, and lived, on the Hornet when she was fully functional. With the purchase of an additional ticket, guests can experience what it is like to pilot a jet during war missions in a realistic NAVY flight simulator. Browse through over 10,000 original artifacts from the ship in addition to an on-site Research Library. Guests are also invited to take part in the Oral History Program within the library to learn about Hornet’s participation in the War and NASA’s Apollo Program. 

Save on general admission with a group tour, which includes a private guided tour, the simulator experience, lunch in the Officer’s Wardroom and a glimpse into the haunted mystery of The Hornet. Or sample any of the available overnight tours for an unforgettable experience and see more than ever before. The History Mystery tour requires an advance reservation but is well worth it. Spend time on the Hornet after hours, and spend the night sleeping where the old crew used to sleep - and still may. Find out for yourself if the Hornet is in fact haunted and tour areas such as the engine room, Navigation Bridge, Sickbay and jail - not regularly open to the public- for a unique perspective. An additional option is the Live-Aboard Program where visitors can spend the night on the ship exploring the decks, Captains Bridge and Sickbay. Learn more about the ship that recovered Apollo 11 and 12 astronauts upon their return to Earth and enjoy unique videos showcasing the science and history of the ship. 

The USS Hornet also hosts field trips, private events, Halloween Parties, Galas with live music, VIP tours, science camps, banquets, trade shows, team building activities, military ceremonies, film rentals and more, with complimentary parking, for parties up to 3,000. There are endless opportunities and an abundance of fun on the USS Hornet. 

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