Explore the Marina District of San Francisco

October 15, 2017
Category: San Francisco Attractions

The Marina District is located at San Francisco’s northern shore. This scenic and vibrant neighborhood is best known for its bars and restaurants but is also home to the Palace of Fine Arts, Crissy Field, Fort Mason Center and the Marina Green. The Marina, as it is often dubbed, is the place to go for a night out on the town when in San Francisco.

Marina District History

The Marina District has an interesting history—it actually wasn’t after The Great 1906 Earthquakes that The Marina sprouted up. The tons of rock and debris were dumped in the marshland that comprised of the Marina at the time. It was not until this site was chosen in 1915 to host the Panama-Pacific International Exposition that The City took aim on developing this land, and erected the Palace of Fine Arts, which still bestows itself as the icon of The Marina District. Today, the Marina is bustling with many apartments, homes, and business in the busy Lombard and Chestnut Street Corridors.

Sights of The Marina

Crissy Field is a restored tidal marshland that was originally an airfield in the early 1900s. This beautiful strip of land offers some of the most picturesque views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Downtown S.F. This strip of land offers fields, bike paths, and beaches with a pier that stretch to the Bridge.

Fort Mason is a former military outpost which is home to many exhibits, non-profits, and cultural and art installations. This facility also hosts many festivals throughout the year.

Restaurants and Nightlife If you are looking for a night out on the town to discover San Francisco’s foodie nature and to imbibe in the city’s best bars, you have to visit The Marina. There are dozens of restaurants from Ace Wasabi to Izzy’s Steakhouse and more. Bars such as the Comet Club and Eastside West offer a vibrant nightlife.

Shopping The Marina is full of Urban Chic Boutiques and the trendiest stores for clothing. Shoe and accessory stores and health and beauty shops can be found up and down Chestnut and Union Streets.

Finding a Hotel in The Marina

In order to fully experience The Marina, you need to stay in the neighborhood. If you are visiting San Francisco, select a hotel in The Marina makes sense because you will be within walking distance to major city attractions and shopping, dining, and nightlife. An ideal hotel to stay that is in the center of The Marina is The Travel Inn. Located on Lombard Street, Travel Inn offers budget accommodations with a convenient location. Book your stay today at www.travelinnsf.com