Visit Golden Gate Park

March 15, 2018
Category: San Francisco Attractions

The Golden Gate Park of San Francisco consists of a beautiful 1,017 acres, filled with a variety of attractions and gardens. The Golden Gate Park began as nothing but a vast sand dune until a man by the name of William Hammond Hill made commision to construct the park in 1870. Many doubted that creating a park within San Francisco would be impossible due to the sandy terrain, but by 1874 over 155,000 trees were planted within the park. Over the following years, many buildings and gardens were added to the park, surviving many natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes.

About The Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park offers many attractions for those visiting. There are several museums within the park, such as The California Academy of Sciences, which is an eco-friendly natural history museum which has on display many planetary, aquatic, and historically famous creatures. Another museum within is the de Young Museum, which offers a larger collection of artifacts from all over the globe. There is also an aquarium within the park, the Golden Gate Park Aquarium, where all sorts of marine creatures can be seen. There is also an attraction called the Buffalo In Golden Gate Park, where you can watch bison grazing within the park.

The gardens within the Golden Gate Park are famous for their awe striking beauty. The Japanese Tea Garden has within it a waterfall as well as many statues and lanterns among the vast amounts of plantlife. The Garden of Shakespeare’s Flowers has been modeled after gardens mentioned within the works of William Shakespeare. The Botanical Garden and the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden are also some of the park’s better-known gardens. The park even has a Conservatory of Flowers, which was one of the first buildings to have been built within the park.

Segway Tours are available within the park, as well as the Golden Gate Playground for kids who want to explore the park. This playground contains the Golden Gate Park Carousel, which has been apart of the park since 1914. The Golden Gate Park is open 24 hours every day, However, the hours for the Museums and Gardens vary.

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