Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

December 15, 2017
Category: Tourist Attractions

Visitors visit the Golden Gate Bridge from all over the world, to avail a chance to walk this magnificent span and engineering marvel. This historical bridge connects the Marin Headlands to San Francisco over the churning waters of the Pacific Ocean as it enters the San Francisco Bay. Numerous tourists visit the bridge and walk across it while others ride across the bridge to The North Bay.

About The Golden Gate Bridge

The 1.7-mile long bridge stands at the gateway to The Pacific from the San Francisco Bay. The length of the Golden Gate Bridge may make a hike across it a difficult prospect for some folks and children but you can certainly opt for modified walks of different lengths. Pedestrians can access the bridge via a parking lot on the Marin Side or at the Visitor’s Center at Fort Point in S.F. The iconic bridge stands 746 feet high from the water surface and was designed by Joseph Strauss.

It was officially opened on May 27, 1937, with a poem dedication, written by the engineer himself. The mesmerizing bridge appears gold colored to many. However, if the fog clears up, you can see that the bridge is in fact painted with an orange color dubbed International Orange. The magnificent structure, peeping through the western skyline was painted this color to be more visible to passing ships.

You have to take care because the Bridge can get quite crowded at times. The Bridge itself is a mighty sight any time of the year, however, during the days with fog, much of the view is obscured. Hence, the best months to visit are September and October when you have lovely clear weather to enjoy expansive views of The City and Bay.

Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge is an interesting experience itself. Experiencing the blowing wind in your hair with the salty whiffs from the Pacific and the endless ocean is a one of a kind experience. However, there are no rental bike services at the bridge so you need to have to arrive at the bridge with a pre-rented bike.

Photos are priceless and you can’t expect to visit The Golden Gate Bridge without capturing some memories. One great place to take a picture is just down the welcome center. Here you can manage to capture a view of the bridge with yourself in the pictures as well. Another great opportunity comes when you visit the north side of the bridge. This is probably the most famous part of the bridge and also the best to place to capture photos of the bridge and cityscape. The standard opening time of the bridge walkways is from 5 am to 9 pm giving you plenty of time to explore the architecture and city views while you walk across the span.

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